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  1. @Passer ik zou mijn desktop, programma's ,... op mijn hdd hebben maar niet mijn windows zoadat ik mijn windows op mijn ssd opstart en de rest op mijn hdd maar dat alemaal in de 'C:' locatie.
  2. I am going to build a new pc verry soon, my old pc just has all of the files on one 1T hdd but i want to try an (M.2) ssd. I would like to only have the Windows folder on an ssd but not my other folders in the 'C:' drive letter (users, program files, program files (x86), ...) those i would like to have on an 2T hdd but still being in the same 'C:' drive letter, while i have tried many tutorials i can't find anything appropriate for what i would like to achieve. If you know how ik could achieve this please let me know. tanks in advance
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