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Problems with my PC need help please!


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So lately i have been having a few problems. So first of all spotify.

Everytime i play a song on spotify it restarts the song and plays it for 5 seconds and then it restarts again. The next problem is and im sure that it has to to with each other because all these problems occurred at the same time, is that i cant move tabs on my google chrome. The other problem is that i cant switch to a game or something else by clicking on my taskbar and clicking on the open program the only way to switch to other open things on my pc is by pressing alt tab. Please help me if you know how to fix this.



- Spotify restarts songs or pauses them or goes to the next song without me clicking anything.

- Cant move Google Chrome tabs

- Cant switch to other open program by clicking on the taskbar, only way to switch is by pressing alt tab.


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