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Ik kreeg volgende mail, wat moet ik doen?


Verzonden: zaterdag 15 januari 2022 10:41
Onderwerp: Update: Payment from your account (703-8935934-5120963)




I have to share bad news with you. Approximately a few months ago I gained acces to your device, which you use for internet browsing. After that, I have started tracking your internet activities.


Here is sequence of events:


Some time ago I purchased acces to email accounts from hackers (nowadays, it is quite simple to buy it online). I have easily managed to log in to your email account


One week later, I have already installed the trojan virus on the operating systems of all devices you use to acces your email. It was not hard at all since you were following the links from your inbox emails



This software provides me with acces to all your devices' controllers (e.g, your microphone, video camera and keyboard). I have downloaded all your information, data, photos, web browsing history to my servers. I have acces to all your messengers, social networks, emails, chat history and contacts list.

My virus continously refreshes the signatures (it is drive-based) and hence remains invisible for antivirus softwares.


Likewise, I guess by now you understand why I have stayed undetected until this letter.


While gathering information about you, I have discovered that you are a big fan of adult websites. You love visiting8+ inhoud websites and watching exciting videos while enduring an enormous amount of pleasure. Well, I have managed to record a number of your dirty scenes and montaged a few videos, which show how you masturbate and reach orgasms.


If you have doubts, I can make a few clicks of my mouse and all your videos will be shared with your friends, colleagues and relatives. I also have no issue at all with making them available for public acces. I guess you don't want that to happen. Considering the specificity of the videos you like to watch (you perfectly know what I mean). It will cause a real catastrophe for you.


Let settle it this way:

You transfer $2500 worth of Bitcoin to me and once the transfer is received I will delete all this dirty stuff right away. After that we will forget about each other. I also promise to deactivate and delete all the harmful softwares from you devices. Trust me. I keep my word.


That is a fair deal and the price is relatively low, considering that I have been checking out your profile and traffic for some time by now.

If you don't know how to purchase and transfer Bitcoins - You can use any modern search engine to figure it out.


Here is my bitcoin wallet:



You have less than 3 days from the moment you opened this email.


Things you need to avoid from doing:

*Do not reply to me (I have created this email inside your inbox and generated the return adress).

*Do not try to contact the police and other security services. Also forget about telling your friends. If I discover that (as you can see, it is not hard, considering that I controll all your systems) your videos will be shared with public right away.

*Don't try to find me - It is pointless. All cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous.

*Don't try to reinstall the software on your devices or throw them away. This is pointless as well since all the videos and photos have already been saved on remote servers.


Things you don't need to worry about:

*That I don't be able to receive your Bitcoin transfer. I will see it right away once you complete the transfer.

*That I will share your videos or photos any way after you complete the transfer.

- Trust me I have no point continue creating trouble in your life. If I wanted that, I would do it a long time ago!


Everything will be done in a fair manner!

One more thing. Don't get caught in similar kinds of situations like this anymore in the future.

My advice: Keep changing all your passwords frequently!!

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ah, je bedoelde die andere? Wie gaat nu zo stom zijn... maar 'k verwijder ze ook.


Calvus: laat ze nu maar klikken :)

maareuh.. je sprak nog van adressen ik vond er nog maar één - kijk ik ergens over? (alhoewel ik de zoekfunctie gebruikte)

aangepast door Passer
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Mailadressen zijn al verwijderd (of onbruikbaar gemaakt) - dus de 'opkuis' is al gebeurd Theo.

Jij moet dus niks doen (en daaronder valt dus zeker: niet klikken op dingen die in je mail staan)


Voor alle zekerheid: die mail gewoon wissen, ook in je verwijderde items-gedeelte.


Dergelijke mails proberen je bang te maken en om dan 'veilig te spelen' zou je van alles gaan doen wat ze je aanraden (en waarmee jij je problemem

op de nek kan halen: denk aan bankrekeningen die geplunderd worden en zo)


Als ik zo'n mail krijg is mijn reactie gewoon: Shift+delete - en weg is hij.

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Die mails van Theo had ik voor je bericht al verwijderd zodat ik me afvroeg of je het nog over hun adres (van de afzender) had - vandaar mijn bedenking:

wie gaat er nu zo stom zijn van daar nog op te gaan klikken.

Omdat ik dacht dat jij het daarover had, heb ik het gewijzigd in een disney-adres - waar je rustig op kan klikken, kom je bij Disney uit

(ik probeerde het eerst zelf natuurlijk :) )

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34 minuten geleden, Theo2602 zei:

to log in to your email account - ***x


Als ik hier op klik, krijg ik wel degelijk een maildocument van mijn outlook met het mailadres van Theo te zien nl. theo..... @...... en zou ik hem een mailtje kunnen sturen.

Niks Disney.

Even nakijken?

Of is het ondertussen terwijl ik dit schrijf al weer veranderd?

aangepast door Calvus
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